Single: “Feel Me” by Tyga & Kanye West

Tyga and Kanye West have collaborated to give us “Feel Me” – a brand new song for the new year parties that will continue throughout January. Since Tyga is dating Kylie Jenner and they are planned to get married at some point, Kanye West is going to be his brother-in-law. Isn’t that great for Tyga […]

Slumville Sunrise

This Week’s New Single Releases (27th October)

My round up of the new singles available for digital download this week. Aloe Blacc – ‘Wake Me Up’ Having appeared on the Avicii number one as an uncredited artist we now get his own take on it. It’s not a huge departure from the original, but forgoes the dance feel for a more straight-forward […]

Single Review: “40 Mill” by Tyga

Tyga has recently talked about his problems with recording label. He also tweeted about it last week saying that the label was ‘holding hostage’. He also threatened to leak the albums to his fans before its official release if things continue like this. Probably the label heard Tyga’s voice and resulted in release of Tyga’s […]

Single Review: “Conversation” by Mishon Feat. Tyga

Mishon is trying to have conversation with a woman in her latest single, titled “Conversation”. They are talking about intimate feelings instead of having a chat about the current affairs and latest gossip. The sultry synth beats and the classic indie tones deliver a perfect intimate conversation. Mishon’s “Conversation” takes the listeners directly to the […]