Single: “Feel Me” by Tyga & Kanye West

Tyga and Kanye West have collaborated to give us “Feel Me” – a brand new song for the new year parties that will continue throughout January.

Since Tyga is dating Kylie Jenner and they are planned to get married at some point, Kanye West is going to be his brother-in-law. Isn’t that great for Tyga who can probably have a lot of collaborations with Kanye? The result would be some wonderful rap music for the fans.

The 27-year old rapper had some bad luck with the release of the song as it leaked on the internet hours before the midnight. However, Tyga didn’t panic and released the song at the scheduled time – midnight.  It’s available for purchase on iTunes since Saturday midnight.

“Feel Me” isn’t a buzz single but it will be the lead single from Tyga’s upcoming studio album. The album is planned for 2017, but there is no info about the exact release date. Whenever it comes out, one thing is certain: Tyga has a great lead single to start promoting his album in 2017. Fans would love the album in early 2017 as they have been waiting for the new album since the Spring of 2015 when Tyga released his fourth studio album.

When you listen to “Feel Me” by Tyga, you get what you expect. Tyga talks about Kylie and Kanye puts things on fire in his verse. Surprisingly, Tyga also raps about his old music label company Cash Money in this track. You can listen to “Feel Me” below.

Listen to “Feel Me” by Tyga ft. Kanye West

Post Author: David Watt