madison beer

New Single Review: “Selfish” By Madison Beer

Madison Beer is an exciting new artist who has already impressed fans and critics alike. For that reason, her album “Life Support” is among the most-anticipated albums of the year already. Now she has released a new single titled “Selfish.” The 20-year-old takes up the subject matter of a toxic relationship and creates a stunning […]


Listen To A New Breakup Anthem “Kodak & Codeine” By Skott

The Sweedish pop star Skott has premiered a new track titled “Kodak and Codeine.” This is her third track since started as an independent artist. The earlier two songs titled “Midas” and “Bloodhoud” were brilliant pop songs. She continues the streak with “Kodak & Codeine,” which is equally brilliant. Skott grew up in a small […]


New Single Review: “People, I’ve Been Sad” By Christine And The Queens

Christine And The Queens made a blast in 2018 when she collaborated with Charli XCX but then she went silent. Now the French pop star has made a comeback to the music scene with a new single titled “People, I’ve Been Sad.” During the time between collaboration with Charli and now, Christine And The Queens […]


New Single Review: “Tonight” By Kesha

Kesha has premiered a new single titled “Tonight.”It’s as good as previous singles from this album – “Raising Hell” and “Resentment.” Another similarity that “Tonight” shares with the previous singles from this album is its adventurous nature. “Raising Hell” was gospel-inspired while “Resentment,” a minimal ballad, was a totally different affair. Her latest single “Tonight” […]