Trove Sivan and Ariana Grande (with an engagement ring) Sharing a Stage with Latest Music Video “Dance to This” Watch it Here!

Sivan and Ariana - Dance to this

Ariana Grande (with and engagement ring) and Troye Sivan have blessed us with a much-awaited Music Video “Dance to this”

Yes, it’s been a month and we had enough of audio of “Dance to This”, and thanks to Ariana Grande and Troye Sivan who finally gifted us a music video their first ever collaboration “Dance to this”. Yes, the Music video is here, you can enjoy the video and use the choreography easily. This song has been lifted from Aussie singer’s upcoming second album “Bloom” LP which is all set to arrive on 31st of August.

Keeping in view that the music video of this much-hyped song is not that great, but if you will see the full video till the end, the video has managed to portray the mood of the song. This music video of “Dance to this” is visually retro, laid-back and chill. In this video you will see Troye Sivan trying to entertain a rough and tough crowd in a sad social club and dancing informally with “God is a Woman” girl. The video is directed by Bardia Zeibali, who also directed the video of legendary “Bloom”. So, don’t you underestimate his this work.

You will see Troye bringing his track with hum on CD and asking the club DJ to play it up on the boomboxes. The tough crowd with sallow lights, stale cookies and an old woman knitting in the corner shows a frosty and less chill vibe. But Troye is here with Ariana Grande wearing an engagement ring to save the day! Troye’s voice at 2.53 is OMG!

Troye used to fangirl over Ariana Grande now he’s singing with her, that’s the boy. You noticed that at 0.44 Troye moves his head 90 degrees upwards but the audio level remains the same, I love that way.

Post Author: David Watt