Watch Music Video: “God Is A Woman” By Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has recently premiered the official music video for her latest track titled “God Is A Woman”. After impressing with the concept, lyrics, and delivery of the song, Ariana has now stunned fans with the music video. It’s an absolute gem – something that doesn’t happen every other day. Ari has definitely delivered the best visual so far in her career. It’s something that will become her identity and stay that way for years to come.

The music video for “God Is A Woman” is a trip to explore religion and feminism. What Ari wants to tell us is that if there was a God, it must be a woman. There is no way God could be a male.

So whether you are a fan of Ari’s music or not, this visual is something you can’t live without now that it’s out there. It’s an artistic music video that will definitely hit high bars and probably get the “Video of The Year” award at VMS.

In the music video, you will see Ariana Grande in a sea filled with colors. She is floating around naked. Then she gets up and starts dancing on top of the sea floor. Since she is a goddess, she also feeds men from her breasts during the video. She will also play with out planet, as if making changes and interfering with how we live our lives. Obviously, she is a god and that’s what she has to do. Give it a try below.

Watch “God Is A Woman” by Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt