Song Review: “Dance To This” by Troye Sivan & Ariana Grande

Troye Sivan has collaborated with Ariana Grande to deliver a mellow bop “Dance To This” that is going to remain with you for long. Unlike so many others that try to make it big, take it to a larger scale and deliver everything to their audience, this bop carefully chooses a mid-path where it does deliver big but leaves you wanting more. It does promise like a ‘massive’ bop, but leaves the listener there with that feeling, making him want more. That’s the trick that Troye Sivan has played in this track to make it infectiously appealing.

It’s a refreshing track that casual and yet carefully threaded over a ‘super’ production. It’s casual in a way that it doesn’t force itself only to deliver a big bop moment. It stays a step below and takes a mellow approach. Despite it not delivering that ‘massive’ bop moment, it could actually turn out to be the biggest hit for Troye.

The track “Dance to This” has deep lyrics, written by Troye, Noonie Bao, and Leland. While talking about the track, the 22-year old Australian revealed that the track comes after having a lot of house parties. It’s the time when you are really tired with your party life and now all you want is to cook dinner in your kitchen and make out while no one’s at the home. Listen to this relatable track below.

Listen to “Dance To This” by Troye Sivan and Ariana Grande

Post Author: David Watt