No Music Album by “Chance the Rapper” but a Tetra Pack of Songs, Listen em here!


It was a talk of the town that Chance the Rapper is going to release a brand-new album this week but he denies these rumors Via social media. There were more rumors said that he will be the part of Olympics 50th Anniversary celebration but yet again, Chance denied.

It seemed harsh but what he did next was exceptional as he turned the sadness to happiness by releasing a tetra pack of brand new songs on Sound-cloud. Not sure it was pre-planned or a quick decision by him to rescue his fans from sadness of new album rumors. We’ll take it either way.

All mater is joy which Chance the Rapper has given in shape of four songs with the titles “I Might Need Security”, “Wala Cam”, “Work Out” and “65th and Ingleside”

This is comeback of Chance the Rapper since last year, it was “Merry Christmas Lil’ Mama: Re-Wrapped” with Jeremih. It was an extended version of both of their collaboration. Back to his latest tracks “I Might Need Security” is related to the political scenario, “Work Out” is a simple positive message that everything around you is alright, “65th and lngleside” is about her very own fiance Kristen Corley and last but not the least “Wala Cam” is a superb collaboration with Supa bwe. I must say that this bad guy really stays on my good side.

Listen all of his four tracks here!

Post Author: David Watt