Ariana grande

Ariana Shows Her Love For Her Fans By Obeying an Hilarious Request By Her Fan.

Ariana just made her fans proud by following a request made by her fan during a stage performance. As you know she has just released her fourth studio album, ”Sweetner” on August 17th.

She was performing for the “Sweetner Session”  when she Sang “Raindrops”. She had just started the song when a fan from the crowd shouted “Wait start again, I was not recording!” How Sweet!

The American Singer, “Ariana” found the situation funny and gave it a good laugh, enjoying the moment she payed attention to her fan and asked if he was ready then? He told him that you can record now. She performed the song again.

What could be more happier than this for a fan? This is what we love about Ariana, she is a down to earth lady . I mean that was sweet. She loves her fans and being a fan I am loving it.


If you are a fan, you must be proud. Buy “Sweetner” now to show your love with the elegant star.

Post Author: David Watt