Music Video Review: “Crash” by Usher

Usher has been on a roll as far as his music is concerned. He recently released two new singles on TIDAL. One of these singles is “Crash” for which Usher has released a music video. The good news for Usher fans is that Crash is also available on other platforms and not just TIDAL. The […]


Listen to the Single “Crash” by Usher

Usher has released a new single titled “Crash” following up his recent released single “No Limit”. A lot of fans thought that “No Limit” would be the only new music from the rapper for a while but that proved to be wrong when the rapper followed it up with another single the next day. He […]

Music: “Miracles” by Usher

Usher has released a new song titled “Miracles”. This track is actually recorded for a short film “Black Knight Decoded”. The film is produced by Pepsi and it follows the journey of a father and a daughter who are trying to figure out the message sent in a signal from Black Knight satellite. As the […]

Five Things That Keep Usher Inspired

Usher has an astounding career to be proud of with 24 million records sold in the U.S. alone. The star has already grabbed eight Grammys and his album ‘Confessions (2004)’ broke all sales records of ’00s. Usher went ahead of Billboard charting stars Jay Z, R Kelly, and Lil’ Wayne with his single “Good Kisser” […]

Music Video: “No Limit” by Usher

The wait is finally over. Usher has finally released the music video for his latest song “No Limit”. As expected, the music video was released exclusively on TIDAL. However, this seemed like a huge mistake since the videos released on TIDAL aren’t included in Billboard Hot 100 chart. That’s a shame. We wanted this video to […]