Five Things That Keep Usher Inspired

Usher has an astounding career to be proud of with 24 million records sold in the U.S. alone. The star has already grabbed eight Grammys and his album ‘Confessions (2004)’ broke all sales records of ’00s. Usher went ahead of Billboard charting stars Jay Z, R Kelly, and Lil’ Wayne with his single “Good Kisser” which turned out to be his 13th track sitting on No.1 on Billboard airplay charts for R&B/Hip-Hop genre. His career is nothing less than illustrious.

But even a star like Usher would wither without new inspirations that help him cultivate new music. His inspirations, as he revealed recently to Billboard, have helped him find the new creative edge in the fast-moving world of pop. Here are five things that have kept him inspired throughout his career.

1- Puff Daddy

Usher and Puff Daddy were once living together in the NY City. Usher, in his teens, was inspired from Puff as both went onstage together.

2- Jeff Koons

Usher has been a fan of Jeff Koons. He has been to his exhibit at the Whitney Museum recently. Usher is inspired by Koon’s take on art.

3- Dave Matthews

Usher recently said that he had always found something special and magical about Dave Matthews. He has always sought inspiration from Dave Matthews band for bringing together a widely diverse audience through their music.

4- Picasso

Usher feels strongly about Picasso. While talking to Billboard, Usher said that his music was somehow linked to the Picasso’s Blue Period.

5- Mentoring

Usher is a great mentor and he seeks inspiration from being that. “I was born to be a dad”, said Usher while talking to Billboard.

Post Author: David Watt