Music Video Review: “Crash” by Usher

Usher has been on a roll as far as his music is concerned. He recently released two new singles on TIDAL. One of these singles is “Crash” for which Usher has released a music video. The good news for Usher fans is that Crash is also available on other platforms and not just TIDAL. The music video for this new single came out on June 17 on VEVO.

The single is about Usher holding on to his love of the life. The music video stays true to the lyrics and therefore shows Usher fighting to save his love. He is wearing a black dress, making everything look sad. Even the choreography produces similar environment. there is a giant screen in the background where you will see a picture of a beautiful black woman. She is Usher’s love of the life that he is trying to fight so desperately. As he looks at the picture of the women, he cries. He cries so much that it looks as if he is going to break down. However, he doesn’t and continues to dance. It looks as if the only way for Usher to save his love and his relationship with this black girl is to continue dancing, even when all he wants is to cry.

Who doesn’t like Usher slaying the dance floor? I’m sure you can ignore him crying and enjoy his choreography. It’s fantastic. You will have to see it yourself to know what I mean. Watch the music video below.

Watch Music Video “Crash” by Usher

Post Author: David Watt