Music: “Miracles” by Usher

Usher has released a new song titled “Miracles”. This track is actually recorded for a short film “Black Knight Decoded”. The film is produced by Pepsi and it follows the journey of a father and a daughter who are trying to figure out the message sent in a signal from Black Knight satellite. As the explore the meaning of alien message, father and daughter seek help from a friend and eventually decide the message. You may not like the short film especially if you don’t have a taste for this kind of stuff, but you are definitely going to like the song. It’s kind of catchy and reminds us of Usher’s good days.

“Miracles” might not have anything to do with the theme of the short film, it’s still a good song. The track is about feeling grateful about having the best girl on the earth, something we hear a lot in R&B music. Usher is singing about that special girl. He thinks that the world has started moving slowly, maybe wanting him to be able to spend more time with that special girl.

Listen to “Miracles” by Usher [from 5:00 to 10:00 minute in embedded short film]

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz