Spice Girls Wannabe

Wannabe by Spice Girls – an iconic video

Here is a piece of music history, with the video of ‘Wannabe’ by the iconic Spice Girls. Today is the 20th anniversary of the 1996 release of Wannabe. The most iconic girl power tracks ever produced is still good to listen and watch.

With a jaw-dropping 94 million streams alone for their smash hit ‘Wannabe’ and 1000 years of Spice Girls music streamed on Spotify in total, we feel that this is an anniversary worth celebrating…….whether you fancied yourself as Scary, Posh, Baby, Sporty or Ginger Spice.

Spice Girls worldwide

The Britain’s most iconic girls band is now part of more than 6 million playlistes around the world. Like in this Spice Girls playlist on Spotify :

Worldwide, the Spice Girls still have a huge fan-base. With 2.6 million monthly listeners, they are big in the US, the UK, Brazil, Germany and also in Mexico. Spice Girls listeners are mostly women (63%). Their 3 albums streamed online are “Spice”, “Spiceworld” and “Forever”.

Spice Girls – Wannabe

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, watch here the online video of Wannabe by the Spice Girls :

Post Author: Harvey Dyer