Sundara Karma

New music roundup (no. 13)

It’s been a long time since I last did a New Music Roundup, so I’ve got quite a big backlog of new music to get through! Here’s the first six new bands/artists for you to check out and hopefully fall in love with…

Sundara Karma – ‘Freshbloom’

No idea what ‘Sundara Karma’ actually means, but as this fresh-faced foursome from Reading’s first single ‘Freshbloom’ sounds so effortlessly breezy; and their Facebook page proclaims them to be ‘more refreshing than sunshine’, we can assume it means something nice and pleasant. As a side note, their lead singer is called Oscar Lulu – so there really isn’t anything not to love about Sundara Karma!

Ghost Beach – ‘Moon Over Japan’

Brooklyn hipster bands are ten-a-penny these days, so they have to be special to stand out. For Ghost Beach, that ‘specialness’ comes in their uncanny knack of sounding exactly like Passion Pit if they were making music in 1986 – the Junior Senior meets Paranoid Android video is also a little bit awesome.

Deaf Club – ‘April’

London-based Deaf Club made a name for themselves with their brilliantly ethereal and intense debut EP ‘Lull’ in 2011. If lead track ‘April’ is anything to go by, their follow-up EP ‘Take In Colour’ (available now on Kissability) should be even better.

Deaf Club – ‘April’ (2013) from Deaf Club on Vimeo.

The Polysonic – ‘Unstoppable’

My recent slackness in writing a New Music Roundup was actually brought to my attention by The Polysonic’s front-man Tom Wolfe, who emailed me to not only tell me to buck my ideas up but also to feature ‘Unstoppable’ – the lead track from the Reading bands new EP ‘Collide’ (out now – visit for more info). I’m glad he did though – the opening synth hit of the Depeche Mode-esque ‘Unstoppable’ deserves to be shared as much as possible.

Adding Machine – ‘Ships To Sink’

Adding Machine are a Bristol-based collective with some serious pedigree. Front woman Hazel Mills has worked with Goldfrapp’s Will Gregory on his Moog Ensemble project, while guitarist TJ Allen has been working with Bat For Lashes. They’re also due to hit the studio with Portishead’s Adrian Utley soon. ‘Ships To Sink’ is a slightly disturbing and disarming track which starts off like a cool chase scene from a video game before pulling you in with its groovy rhythm and show-stopping vocals. Find out more at their slightly baffling website.

Sundays – ‘Delicate’

Sundays is a Canadian ‘experimental soul/electronic, singer-songwriter’, and her new track ‘Delicate’ is as serene a slice of classy electro-soul as you’re likely to find this side of a James Blake album. Even more impressive is that she produces her music herself. Sundays’ debut EP ‘Of Eros and I’ is set for release next month, keep an eye on her site for more details.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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