Listen to the Single “Crash” by Usher

Usher has released a new single titled “Crash” following up his recent released single “No Limit”. A lot of fans thought that “No Limit” would be the only new music from the rapper for a while but that proved to be wrong when the rapper followed it up with another single the next day. He is on a roll and there is no doubt that he is all set to make his eighth studio album a hit.

The single “No Limit” was exclusively released on TIDAL while the follow up single “Crash” was released on all the major platforms. It was also released on VEVO for free streaming. The single “Crush” is reportedly written by Usher and it’s produced by Carlos St. John and Fallen.

This alternative R&B single is definitely a huge release for Usher as it steps up from the generic R&B singles. There is no doubt that it’s far better than ” No Limit” and it gives the message that Usher is finally ready to dominate the R&B scene once again with his new studio album.

The song is about feelings of a broken relationship. Usher talks about his sad feelings from an ex-relationship. He feels sad when he thinks about his ex-girlfriend. Although the relationship is now over, he can’t get over it. This is what the song is all about. Usher is really suffering and he is ready to talk about his broken heart in this song. Listen to his feelings by clicking the Play button below.

Listen to “Crash” by Usher

Post Author: David Watt