Single Review + Music Video: “Back To You” by Louis Tomlinson Featuring Bebe Rexha

It’s time you listen to the new single by Louis Tomlinson in full. He has released the single “Back To You” after teasing his fans with a snippet preview earlier this week. The response to the short snippet was really good. Judging on that, I’m sure “Back To You” will register itself as another hit from Tomlinson.

The song features hit pop singer Bebe Rexha. She has already made some meaningful contributions to other hit songs. So her inclusion, in a way, gives this song a real chance to hit the top charts. Could this turn out to be Tomlinson’s first hit song on iTunes?

Considering that this is a gem of a song, I believe it could easily sit in Top 40 hit on Billboard Hot 100 in the U.S.

The song came out yesterday, on 21st July. I know some of you might have heard that the song was leaked earlier and so on. It’s not the case. It was released to some select markets, maybe just to check the response. It’s global release, which was yesterday, came later.

This new single means a lot of good things. We are going to get a full-length studio album from Louis Tomlinson. I’m sure it’s going to be full of hits. Epic Records will be releasing the album. The release date for this project is yet a mystery but I’m sure Epic Records will try to release the album before December 2017.

“Back To You” by Louis Tomlinson ft. Bebe Rexha Review

The song opens up nicely with Bebe Rexha delivering the opening verse. She also leads the chorus later in the song. You will hear Louis delivering the second verse of this new single. Bebe slays the song in the opening verse with her incredibly powerful voice. Louis doesn’t disappoint and plays his part fine.

It’s a great effort by Louis Tomlinson but I’m not happy the way this production is designed. It seems more like Bebe song than the other way around. I wish Louis handled the opening verse himself and had Bebe doing the second verse. Bebe’s voice is so powerful and dominant that it totally owns the song.

Having Bebe on the song could make you think she wrote the song as well. NO SHE DIDN’T. It’s Nick from Digital Farm Animals and Louis who sat together and came up with these lyrics. They needed a female voice so they decided to bring Bebe Rexha on the project.

This new single feels great. The combination of Louis and Bebe worked the magic. I’m sure a lot of you are going to fall in love with this new single. I bet, it’s going to be all over Top 40 radio pretty soon.

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Post Author: David Watt