Album Review: Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ Is A Wild Ride

Madonna isn’t going unnoticed in this century. Her album Madame X has already brought her to the attention. The album delivers some ‘safe’ music while the other parts are simply difficult to digest. You simply think what Madonna was thinking while she was preparing those tracks. It’s a bizarre album and maybe that’s something Madonna […]

gone west

Emerging Country Group “Gone West” return with new single “What Could’ve Been”

Colbie Caillat and her Fiancé Justin Young joined hands with frequent collaborators Jason Reeves and Nelly Joy last year and formed the Group “Gone West”. They have produced back to back hits like ‘Confetti’ and ‘This Time’. Now they are here with their new single “What Could’ve Been”. They all have showcased their collective talents […]

TINI Sad song

New Upcoming Single: “Sad Song” By TINI Featuring Alesso

TINI is definitely gearing up to become the next Latin pop sensation. The Argentinian is only 22 years old and has already impressed us with her cross over. If you come from a Spanish-speaking country, you probably already know her as she has established herself in that market. Now with the arrival of her latest […]


“Hold the Line” Turns Things up for Avicii’s Posthumous album ‘TIM’

‘TIM’ had a great start with the opener ‘SOS’ and then the revitalizing ‘Tough Love’. Both made the statements we expected from the Late visionary artist Avicii. Now the things have taken new high roads with ‘Hold the Line’. The ARIZONA collaboration is literally a gem deserving a closer look. The symphony and the Lyrics […]


Official Music Video Review: “Let You” By Cheryl

The last 2 weeks have been all around pop queens, and trust me none of them let us down. After Katy Perry, Bebe Rexha, Charlie XCX, Camilla Cabello & Rita Ora, here is another Banger from Cheryl Ann Tweedy. The 35 year old returned with “Let You”, and it does sound like a big hit. […]