“F*ck Fake Friends” by Bebe Rexha – Listen to a Snippet

Good news for Bebe Rexha fans – She is doing a new song with G-Eazy. How do I know?

Well, the internet has the news. There is a snippet of her upcoming single “Fuck Fake Friends”and it’s already circulating everywhere. Someone posted it on Instagram and that was all that it needed. Now you have it on YouTube and all the music blogs. I’m sure you also want to listen to this latest snippet. Believe me, it’s good and has that typical Bebe vibe.

Another good news for Bebe fans is that they are going to hear G-Eazy in this song as well. He is going to do a short cameo. They previously teamed up for the hit single “Me, Myself & I”.

When Bebe spoke about her music back in April, she actually mentioned this new song even if her fans missed it. She clearly told us that she will be working on a song titled “Fuck Fake Friends”.

The song “Fuck Fake Friends” is a rhythmic track with punk lyrics. The song is about living in L.A. The “No Broken Hearts” diva talks about the modern life and the fake friends that come as a part and parcel of this life.

Bebe is now preparing for a summer release of her debut LP. I’m sure everyone is waiting for it considering the kind of success she’s already getting with her singles so far. Time to listen to the preview of her latest single now.

Listen to a snippet: “F*ck Fake Friends” by Bebe Rexha

Post Author: David Watt