pink working on new music

Pink Is Working On A New Music Video

It has been years since we heard new music from Pink. But you don’t have to give up on her. She is already back in the industry and you can expect new music to come out soon.

The last time we heard Pink with new music was almost five years ago. It was the time of her last solo LP “The Truth About Love”. Ever since she hasn’t blessed us with anything new.

The good news is that some fans asked her last night about her new music. They were desperate to get a release date from her. Despite the fact that Pink wasn’t in a mood to give away any secrets, she flirted with the release date, not revealing anything significant about her future plans. Nevertheless, she did us one big favor by telling the fans that she would be doing a music video next week.

pink working on new music

It’s clear that Pink will be giving us new music. It might be a solo project. Many bloggers have reported that Pink has already finished her seventh LP. Now she’s only putting final touches on it. If this turns out to be true, we could have her next album very soon. Will she be hitting the charts again? I’m sure she will be doing that. She knows her thing really well.


Post Author: David Watt