Was 2015 A Year Of Sexy Pop Cover Art?

Every year pop artists go a step ahead with their album art but 2015 was like no other year. This year, nudes became the norm as pop artists around the world pushed boundaries of what could be acceptable. Miley Cyrus rocked fans with a giant dildo on her tour while The Game opened eyes wide with his ‘meat prints’. As these artists showed what were the new boundaries of acceptable nudity in pop culture, others crossed over to single and album art with similar enthusiasm, showing their artistic using soft porn as well as full nudity.

Among those pop artists who showed their newly found love for nude art, Niykee Heaton deserves a mention with her topless artwork for “King”. Ellie Goulding also surprised us with her semi-naked cover art while Selena Gomez teased fans with her sexy artwork for latest album where all she was wearing was a white shirt. But still there were artists who borrowed images straight from porn shoots for their artwork. Check the top 5 sexy pop art covers below.

NSFW Artwork below

niykee-heaton-king1 ellie-goulding-delirium1 jr-castro-fmn2


Post Author: David Watt