Celine Dion covers Sia’s “Cheap Thrills” in a concert

The Queen of Pop Celine Dion performed a concert at the Colosseum at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on November 26th. The Canadian pop star is still so energetic and has strong vocals.

In the embed below, you will see Celine Dion congratulating a newly engaged couple who happened to be on the show (don’t really know how she came to know). Also, she cracked a lot of jokes. I must say that Celine is so cool. The best was her cracking jokes about marriage!

Suddenly, out of nowhere during her monolog with the audience, she started singing one of the Sia’s popular tracks “Cheap Thrills.” But why she sang a few lines? A 30 seconds impromptu cover is what that was. But, it was really surprising to see her sing Sia’s track.

The performance was really filled with plenty of Celine’s signature vocals, and she did it so well. The crowd enjoyed every second of her being on the stage no matter it was the humor or her singing.

I think the both artists should collaborate and make a single. A pop duo by the two pop chanteuse! It would be awesome to see them both together.

Watch: Celine Dion’s singing Sia’s “Cheap Thrills”


Post Author: David Watt