Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas Partners with Fashion Bran John Varvatos

Nick Jonas has partnered with John Varvatos for a fashion collaboration. It’s his latest brand deal where Jonas will be serving as the brand face of the famous fashion brand. The 25-year-old will lead the 2018 Spring & Summer campaign for the brand. In addition to being the face of the brand, Jonas will also experiment with his inner fashion artist as he will design a collection of clothing as well. Isn’t that cool?

The new and collaborative fashion collection will have a new label JV x NJ. This new collection is expected to showcase the rock spirit.

While talking about this collaboration, Varvatos told the media how easy it was to work with Nick. He is not only a musician but also has incredible talent as an artist. He is an actor and understands fashion, told the brand while talking about this new venture with Nick Jonas.

Not only did the brand talk positively about the project, but Nick also opened up saying that the human connection between him and Varvatos is what helped him to make up his mind for the project.  He wanted to make something great together with Varvatos.



Post Author: David Watt