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New Music Video: “Like Lightning” Havana Brown Feat Darwin

Havana Brown, the Electronic Dance Music artist premiered her new music video “Like Lightning” yesterday on VEVO. She has kept her fans waiting for long since the release of “Battle Cry” featuring Bebe Rexha last year’s summer.

Ms. Brown started as a DJ around 10 years ago keeping the milestone in her mind to become a Pop artist. She’s among the few Australian female artists who made their way from DJ’ing to the Pop Chart topper. She has previously worked with many mainstream music artists including Pitbull.

“Like Lightning”, her new single is co-written by no other than the famous pop star Kesha and you feel the little her in the track. Havana’s fans must be wondering that why she’s taking so much time to come up with a new track. Here she is with another dance song!

“He’s crazy, maybe I’m crazy too” the music video has Ms. Brown along with Darwin dancing to the tune with her slinky dresses and colorful glasses. Darwin shows some good dance moves to the music; adding a bit of spice to the video.

Ms. Brown believes that music is about escape from all the worries and stress. She delivers something on which people could dance and feel sexy. Whenever she’s out to DJ, she plays to make the people get lost in a moment.

Watch “Like Lightning” By Havana Brown Featuring Darwin

Post Author: David Watt