Lazaretto album by Jack White

Listen to Jack White’s new track ‘Lazaretto’

There are a lot of stories about this years Record Store Day swirling around – what with all of the surprise releases, live appearances and everything else. The one I’m most interested in though is the debut of Jack White’s new song – the title track from his upcoming new solo album Lazaretto.

White aimed to make the single release of ‘Lazaretto’ the ‘world’s fastest released record‘ ever, and succeeded on Saturday by recording a live version of the track and the B-side (a cover of Elvis Presley’s ‘Power Of My Love’), pressing it onto vinyl and selling it in front of a live audience at his Third Man Records HQ in Nashville.

Following that, the single has now been made available to hear via the below video by a US radio presenter (the single starts at the 07:20 mark):

Lazaretto is Jack White’s second solo album, following the awesome Blunderbuss in 2012, and is set for release on 9 June.


Jack White has just made the studio version of ‘Lazaretto’ available to stream online, which you can do so below:

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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