Single: “So Blue” by Fantasia

Fantasia has premiered a new single titled “So Blue”. This new single will be included in her fifth studio album. The album will be out in June via RCA Records. The album title will be “The Definition Of…”. You can listen to this latest single below and if you like it, you can pre-order the album. You can also buy the song on iTunes.

Fantasia released this new single “So Blue” to celebrate pre-launch of her album. However, Fantasia knew her fans would get impatient so she also gave away a free stream of her new single before making it available for purchase on iTunes. The free stream was released via VEVO.

Fantasia has now given up country music since this is an R&B track. I’m sure a lot of Fantasia fans would be excited by this decision. Although she wasn’t all that bad when doing country music, she’s definitely a better R&B artist.

The song “So Blue” is a mid-tempo single where Fantasia will be talking about an unfaithful couple. She knows that both partners are cheating on each other but she has no clue on what to do next. That’s the puzzle she asks her fans to solve int his single. You can listen to this new single below.

Listen to “So Blue” by Fantasia

Post Author: David Watt