Philips Largest 4K Screen

Video of the largest curved 4K screen in the world

With a diagonal of 40 inches, this Philips Brilliance monitor is the largest curved screen available on the market today. Music fans will experience extraordinary sensations with this new screen.

On top of its diagonal of 40 inches, this Philips screen includes built-in speakers, which should convince music fans to adopt this innovative model. Also, the monitor has an adjustable tilt. This offers users the best viewing conditions available on the market as of today. Now that 4K screens have become mainstream products, brands like Philips need to innovate with extraordinary models.

This is ideal for creating an extreme sensation of immersion. Business users can focus on their work. Players can enjoy an optimized environment for their gaming sessions. For everyone, the Philips Brilliance screen is perfect for entertainment experiences. The screen adds to the reputation of Philips LCD screens: innovation and extraordinary products.

Video of the biggest 4K curved screen

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Post Author: Harvey Dyer