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Music Video: “Loyality” by Kendrick Lamar Ft. Rihanna

The much-anticipated “Loyalty” music video is finally out. Kendrick Lamar premiered the music video on VEVO official. The music video features none other than Rihanna. The single “Loyalty” is taken from Kendrick’s album “DAMN”.

The legendary director Dave Meyers showed his brilliance with music videos. The music video opens with a dog barking at someone in a street. The dog has glowing red eyes, which indicates that viewers need to be aware of the forthcoming supernatural elements in the video.

Kendrick Lamar opens the video by delivering his verses while moving his body in the middle of dozen of sexy girls in thong. He is then seen in another place, raping and delivering verses like a pro rapper. The visuals are stunning and they remind you what good music videos should be like.

In the video, you see Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna getting together when the rapper picks up Rihanna from the street. She was about to die as she was being sucked in by the moving sands. If it wasn’t for Kendrick, Rihanna wouldn’t be here. His timely helping hand saves Rihanna. These mind blowing visuals will keep you hooked for the entire duration of the MV.

It’s time you watch the music video. Don’t forget to tell us what you think about the video. For me, this is one of the best from Kendrick Lamar, not just the MV but also the single “Loyalty”. Watch the music video below.

Watch “Loyalty” Music Video by Kendrick Lamar Featuring Rihanna

Post Author: David Watt