April playlist

Stream Playlist – all the best new music from April 2014

April was a pretty busy month in music – just a quick read through the music news will tell you that. Kasabian announced their new album, Liam Gallagher sent everyone into a mini-meltdown about a possible Oasis reunion, Glastonbury announced the first raft of acts for this years festival and there was also the small […]

Music: TOWNS – ‘Just Everything’

I’ve only just stumbled across these guys, and have to say so far I’m blown away. TOWNS mix early-90’s shoegaze/baggy vibes with a bit of good old Oasis style Wall Of Sound (thanks to early Oasis producer Owen Morris being involved) to make something quite exciting and refreshing. Check out their new single ‘Just Everything’ […]

December playlist

December playlist – all the best new music from December 2013

December is traditionally a quiet month, so I was surprised at the amount of quality new music showing up in my Soundcloud ‘Likes’ as I put this playlist together. From the return of Doves’ Jimi Goodwin to brand new Drake, Warpaint, Sam Smith and Broken Bells – December has provided us with some great new […]