New Music: Listen to The Barrens self-titled debut album…

If you ask me, grunge is well overdue a renaissance. There was a hint of a rebirth a few years ago when a clutch of new bands came out throwing their Nirvana influences around with encouraging abandon. Manchester’s Nine Black Alps probably came closest to bringing the deep, dark and melodic guitar riffs of grunge back into prominence, but they’ve pretty much been swallowed up by other, much more boring, musical trends.

New York band The Barrens are the latest exponents of dark, grungy but accessible rock – combining the angst and introspective melodies of grunge with a touch of psychedelia and some hefty pop sensibilities in their self-titled debut album. Check it out here and let me know what you think in the comments below:

The Barrens are:

Colin Fitzgerald: Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Debbie Chou: Vocals/Keyboards
Mike Koene: Guitar/Vocals
Chris Gersbeck: Drums/Vocals
Jay Sharp: Bass

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