“Hold the Line” Turns Things up for Avicii’s Posthumous album ‘TIM’

TIM’ had a great start with the opener ‘SOS’ and then the revitalizing ‘Tough Love’. Both made the statements we expected from the Late visionary artist Avicii. Now the things have taken new high roads with ‘Hold the Line’.

The ARIZONA collaboration is literally a gem deserving a closer look. The symphony and the Lyrics themselves make a lot of sense. This song made under great production has a heart-rending message.

The lead vocalist Zachary Charles sings “we don’t get to die young, trouble keeping our head sometimes. We just have to push on, we don’t get to give up this life. All the breath in your lungs is stronger than the tears in your eyes”.

Charles opened up about this song, “This song is meant for the people struggling with the hardships of daily life, to make you feel that you are not alone”.

There is also an acoustic version to this song solely dedicated to Avicii. Listen to the official audio below.

Listen To “Hold The Line” By Avicii

Post Author: David Watt