Single: “The Legend Of” by Diana Gordon

Diana Gordon is actually Wynter Gordon who is now using her birth name as her stage name to re-launch her career. That’s a good thing considering she is at least giving it another try. To announce her comeback, she has released a new single titled “The Legends Of”.

Miss Gordon had a contract with Atlantic Records. Since she wanted to re-start her career as an independent artist, she might have thought a change in stage name would truly reflect her desire to get out from under the shade of such a big label. That sounds reasonable considering she wants to erase everything from her days with the record label.

The new single “The Legend Of” is a laid-back single with an electronic and indie elements. The song is about Gordon’s life. She talks about different passages of her life in the song and gives us reasons for the decisions she made. It’s a relatable song and that’s the reason I think it could become a hit with the fans. But would it prove to be the right song for her to make a comeback to the music scene as an independent artist? Only time could tell.

If you liked her 2010 hit “Dirty Talk” and you are expecting something similar, it won’t probably happen with Diana now more focused on doing her type of music. That’s the reason her new single doesn’t have that commercial sound anymore. Nevertheless, this new sound is cool and you’d definitely want to hear more from her. Time to listen to her new song “The Legends Of” now.

Listen to “The Legends Of” by Diana Gordon

Post Author: David Watt