Watch Tinashe Reveal Some Incredible Choreography for “Flame”

Tinashe is working on the official music video for her latest single “Flame” – and it’s actually like a flame. Just look at Tinashe in the viral video below and her choreography. You will know what I mean.

After watching this video and looking at Tinashe’s dance moves, it seriously felt strange why wouldn’t she deliver this kind of choreography when she’s asked to perform on TV. If you remember her performance at the Tonight Show, you’ll know what I mean. That performance was really lacking, indicating that Tinashe doesn’t have the talent for dancing. Now she’s proving everyone wrong with this music video. This is the kind of choreography we expect to see from her. I’m sure her fans will send her the message and she’ll work on giving us that kind of stuff when she comes on the TV next time.

The choreography video was released on YouTube. It didn’t take long before a lot of fans took notice and this video and started liking and sharing it. As a result, the video went viral. Tinashe, in this video, isn’t alone as she is accompanied by a handful of sexy girls who are helping her with dance moves. The choreography is by JoJo Gomez. Watch the video below.

Watch Tinashe showing killer moves in a video teasing MV for “Flame”

Post Author: David Watt