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Music Video Review: “iSpy” by Kyle & Lil Yachty

KYLE has premiered the official music video for his recent hit “iSpy”. In the music video, you will also see his collaborated Lil Yachty who seems to have really enjoyed this collaboration. Watch the video below after reading the review and you’ll know how both the guys are loving this song and being in the video. I’m sure you’d love their work.

The music video for the latest hit collaboration came out on YouTube. It did take a few months for KYLE to come up with a music video and many would say it’s late, I feel it’s still good to have a video for this killer song than not having one at all. On top of that, they have worked really hard on the video, making it somewhat unique. It gives the video more value and fan power.

The video for “iSpy” show us two young kids playing on the beach. These kids have the torso of kids but their heads are those of KYLE and Lil Yachty. As they sit on the beach, they see many girls passing them in bathing suits and hot bodies. Some of them are playing while others are simply jogging around.

It’s true that “iSpy” is kind of old now, but I do believe that this cool music video will help it bring back for a second go at the charts. It’s a great song and I feel really excited about it getting back to life,  but this time with a super cool music video. Things would turn out to be really amazing this time for the single.

Watch the official music video – “iSpy” by KYPE featuring Lil Yachty

Post Author: David Watt