New Music Video: “Drug Dealer” By Macklemore Feat Ariana DeBoo

Macklemore has finally released the music video of “Drug Dealer”; the drug withdrawal realness. It’s not long since he released the audio, and he has premiered the music video on October 25th, 2016.

Jason Koenig direction shows Macklemore in a pitiful condition. He’s probably high and drugged; frustration prevails while he lies on the bed. You’ll see the video blurry as if they wanted us to see the video from a drug addict’s eye.

Later in the video, you will see Macklemore crying on the shower floor. He’s probably feeling excruciating pain while water pours down on him.

I think the director wanted us to know that it’s real hard to quit drugs. We get it!

You will see Ariana DeBoo literally buried in a bulk of pills right during the chorus she sang for the track. The video is so depressing that you will actually feel their pain.

Though, “Drug Dealer” will make Macklemore more popular and respectful as the fans will know about his life’s hardest times. Also, how he became a music artist after quitting drugs.

Macklemore was praised by the fans since the release of the audio on Soundcloud. Probably, the popularity of the audio track made him release the music video in a month’s time.

Watch the official music video of “Drug Dealer” By Macklemore

Post Author: David Watt