New Music Video: “Body On Me” by Rita Ora ft. Chris Brown

Fans have been expecting a steamy music video this year from Rita Ora – What could have been better than “Body On Me” for that kind of a video?

“Body On Me” is the latest single from British diva’s forthcoming second studio album. This album will be released via Roc Nation and it will hit stores towards the end of 2015.

The music video for “Body On Me” is directed by Collin Tilley. The video starts with Rita and Chris Brown appearing in an elevator where they fall in love with each other on the first sight. But that’s not it.

As soon as both look at each other, they are drawn towards one another in a way that none of the two could resist. The start kissing and removing clothes. As the elevator continues to move towards its destination, the duo keeps loving each other. The scenes are so intimate that you would want to go back right to the start of the elevator and watch it a dozen times if you are a Rita Ora or a Chris Brown fan. But if you are a Rihanna fan, you may not want to see this.

If you are looking for one scene that could leave its imprints on your mind for years, that’s the scene where Rita covers her naked body with a Union Jack flag. Overall, the music video is perfect for the track.

Watch Rita Ora’s Intimate Music Video “Body On Me”


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz