Oasis ‘Time Flies… 1994-2009’ – Album Review

After 15 years at the top, the Manchester legends release their swan-song – a 27-song tour through their biggest hits.  But is it really needed? It’s been almost a year since the UK’s biggest band finally imploded on that fateful night in Paris.  Since then, thoughts have naturally turned to the Gallagher brothers’ first output […]

Klaxons surfing the void review

Klaxons ‘Surfing The Void’ – Album Review

Klaxons – Surfing The Void A lot has been said about the production process of Klaxons’ second album.  To summarise:  they struggled for about a year in the studio trying to settle on the right sound and direction to take – a struggle that nearly led to them giving up completely.  When they did finally […]


The best music videos on YouTube

YouTube has been the catalyst for the biggest shift in the way we consume music.  No longer are we satisfied with the sterile, nicely packaged singles and albums our favourite pop stars hand down to us – we want to see them up close and personal outside of their PR bubble.  To that end we […]


Solo Version: “Into The Unknown” By AURORA

AURORA has released a solo version of the haunting song “Into The Unknown.” The singer got recognition when her single “Runaway” arrived back in 2015. But her big moment came when she lent her voice for Frozen 2 soundtrack. It was that moment that the entire world saw the talent that the alt-pop singer posses. […]

Niall Horan Heartbreak Weather

New Music Review+Official MV: ‘Heartbreak Weather’ and ‘No Judgement’ by Niall Horan

Niall Horan’s LP ‘Heartbreak weather’ just dropped(13 March) The album is really a treat to listen to, from the beginning to the very end.  The former One Direction hitmaker is now getting in some last-minute promos by releasing a bunch of videos. Visuals for the title track also arrived this Friday and they looked like […]

Who I am Melanie C

Single Review + Official Video: Who I am by Melanie C

While All other Spice Girls are busy counting their cash between reunion tours, Melanie C never hit the brakes on her music career. Mel has released seven studio albums and also a long list of collaborations and stand-alone singles.  She is now back with her new single ‘Who I am’ it was released today(19 March) […]

madison beer

New Single Review: “Selfish” By Madison Beer

Madison Beer is an exciting new artist who has already impressed fans and critics alike. For that reason, her album “Life Support” is among the most-anticipated albums of the year already. Now she has released a new single titled “Selfish.” The 20-year-old takes up the subject matter of a toxic relationship and creates a stunning […]