Music: “The Other Boys” by NERVO feat. Kylie Minogue and Jake Shears

NERVO’s upcoming full-length music album will be its debut album and it will feature collaborations from Jake Shears and Kylie Minogue. The album is only two days away from its release and still NERVO has found time to release a new track from the album. “The Other Boys” is the most anticipated track from this album due to the collaboration by Kylie Minogue and that’s probably the major reason NERVO released the track at this time. Even though the track took us all by surprise, it doesn’t take away anything from how good the track is to listen.

“The Other Boys” is a club-ready track that is perfect for any dance floor. This disco-dance track is probably play across majority of gay clubs. The song is a top production and that’s the reason it has all the potential to become the ultimate club anthem this year.

NERVO’s “The Other Boys’ can help NERVO double the album sales despite the fact that the new single was released only a couple of days before the album release. Since this track has the potential to become fan favorite on the first listen, NERVO probably made the right decision as he wanted to go into album release with a lot of pre-orders and fans expecting great things. That’s when you make a lot of sales and even ‘bad’ songs get some appreciation. But “The Other Boys” is a wonderful song that’s going to a massive club hit. Listen to the song below.

Listen to “The Other Boys” by Nervo


Post Author: Asif Mumtaz