Madonna to Direct A Movie

Madonna will be directing a featured film. The movie she will direct is titled “Taking Flight”. After she has completed her movie project, she will eventually release her new album. I had this funny feeling back in 2000s that Madonna will venture into movies when her husband (now divorced) Guy Ritchie was doing so well as a director. It was that time when I felt Madonna will direct a movie at some point in her career. Although it didn’t happen back then and Guy Ritchie and Madonna divorced, Madonna has announced to direct a movie now. I’m sure the movie will have a lot of good stuff as Madonna brings a lot of experience as an artist into this movie. The filming for this movie is yet to start but we can expect it to commence in a week or so.

It’s not that Madonna has stopped doing music. She continues to tease her fans with snippets on social media of her new music. That means Madonna is directing the movie just to get a feel of it. She doesn’t have any plans as of now to become a full-time director and quit doing music. So, nothing to panic. You will eventually hear new music from the pop queen but only after she has finished her movie project.

The movie that Madonna will direct is based on the life of ballerina Michaela De Prince. De Prince has an incredible story as he struggled in a war-torn town as a dancer. Her hard work paid off eventually as she became a globally recognized dancer. One obvious reason Madonna is interested in directing this movie is the Michaela’s journey, which is similar to Madonna’s own struggle as an artist. She had her adversaries and she knows how difficult it could be to rise from the bottom when everyone is trying to stop you. I hope this movie will be worth watching.



Post Author: David Watt