Sound quality that covers all my needs

I find myself increasingly reliant on headphones these days for listening to music. It used to be the norm for me to enjoy music at home, but as my days get busier I find I have less time to actually sit, relax and stick on an album. Instead, I’m more likely to be listening to music on the go – walking to the office, on public transport, while exercising etc…

The problem with all this is that a lot of headphones just don’t cut the mustard when it comes to sound quality – something that is pretty essential when you’re trying to review an album! Relying on music streaming and mp3’s is bad enough, but when you have to listen to it through tinny headphones it’s impossible to appreciate the delicate nuances of the new Arctic Monkeys album!

Luckily, Sony have a great new range of Headphones that take care of all audio needs – from noise cancelling headphones to Bluetooth enabled sets, lightweight shock absorbing headphones for exercising and extra bass enabled sets. Basically covering everything I need from headphones!

The main feature across of all of Sony’s new Headphones range is a clear focus on high sound quality and comfort. This makes them ideal for me, as my music listening habits mean I am predominantly listening to music on the go. If I had to pick a favourite from the new line, it would be the Prestige In-ear headphones as these provide a crisp sound and the kind of in-ear fit that means you hardly notice you’re wearing them.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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