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Festival Essentials: Cool camping gear

The first in our Festival Essentials series covered the best pop up tents for festivals, which was pretty boring but very necessary.

Today we can move onto something a bit more fun – cool camping gear!

These days camping at festivals doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable ordeal that has to be survived. With the below products you can make your small area of the campsite a beacon of mod-cons and be the envy of your friends and everyone in your immediate vicinity!

If you’ve used any of the below items or have your own tips for cool festival camping gear, let us know in the comments at the bottom…

Super Solar Camping Shower

camp shower
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Going to a festival usually means committing to at least three nights of not washing – unless you count the five minute wet-wipe blast in the tent as ‘washing’, of course. Some festivals put on shower facilities, but even then you will have to queue up for ages for the privilege of standing under a lukewarm dribble.

If cleanliness is important to you, then you could do worse than picking up this little beauty. It’s only £5.45 and provides warm water via solar power – so you leave it out in the sun to warm up and then use it for a nice shower. The drawback, of course, is that it’s weather dependent – two words that strike fear into every festival-goer! At just over a fiver, though, it’s a no-brainer!

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Gelert Sleeping Pod

sleeping pod
>>> Buy from Amazon now – £25.50

Sure, you could just dive into Tesco and pick up a £10 sleeping bag – but why not spend that little bit extra on something you’ll appreciate. This sleeping ‘pod’ is extra wide for your added comfort – so you can basically move around inside as much as you like. You’ll thank me for it in the morning!

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Camping Pillow

camping pillow
>>> Buy from Amazon now – £6.52

On the subject of getting a good night’s sleep, you need a decent pillow to go along with your cool sleeping pod. This Milestone Camping Pillow is a cool addition to anyone’s tent. It’s big, it’s comfortable and it’s easy to carry. Taking your favourite pillow from your bedroom with you may seem like a good idea, but they’re surprisingly annoying to carry along with all your bags and stuff. This sorts that problem out and comes with the added bonus of being more comfortable!

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Disposable Urinal

disposable urinal
>>> Buy now from Amazon – £5.47

Yeah I know, it’s not the most glamorous of products, but trust me this will rise in the cool stakes the moment you need it! The headliner’s on in ten minutes, you desperately need a pee, the toilets are not only miles away but there’s also half-hour queues, what do you do? You find a quiet corner, use this little beauty and then get yourself back into the serious business of watching the headliner. Simple!

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Funky Folding Shopping Trolley

festival trolley
>>> Buy from Amazon now – £14.99

This is a life-saver. The yomp from the car park to the campsite is always tortuous, but with a trolley it becomes a lot more bearable. You can hire trolleys and stuff at a lot of festivals, but they’re usually either expensive or sold out. Or both, in my experience! So it’s best to take your own. There’s loads available to buy quite cheaply, but I chose to feature these ones because they’re ‘funky’, obviously.

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