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The Horrors Album is ready

After their pretty amazing third album Skying, which I liked so much I made it my album of the year, all eyes and ears are on what The Horrors do next.

Back in March we heard their fourth album was nearing completion and had a tentative release date of September, and now bassist Rhys Webb has shed a bit more light on it all – telling NME the album is ‘ready to roll’. Webb said:

We’re right at the end of the recording process and ready to roll. We’re recording 11 tracks. It’s sounding very exciting. I always think there is more in common with our albums than a lot of people say, but we always want to move forward as a band and make something better than what we have done before, and I think we have definitely been successful with that. Faris (Badwan) is sounding fantastic too – I think it’s the best he has ever sounded.

So that sounds promising.

No word yet on the title of the album or song names, although Webb may have hinted the first single may be called, or have something to do with the word, ‘Europhic’, describing a track as:

…a very upbeat song full of electronic oscillations. ‘Euphoric’ is definitely a good word to describe the way it sounds.

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