The Horrors new album

The Horrors’ new album ‘will be out in September’

The Horrors’ keyboardist Tom Cowan has announced that the band are close to finishing their fourth album – the follow-up to 2011’s unbelievably good ‘Skying’.

Speaking to NME about the recording sessions for the as-yet-untitled album, Cowan said:

It’s going really well, we’re most of the way there in terms of getting the songs together. And we’ve got a month more or so of writing and then we’re gonna go on tour, we’re aiming to be finished in September. The album’s going to be out in September.

Cowan went on to say the new album is sounding ‘different’ and is ‘possibly our best album yet’. But they all say that!

This came just after The Horrors revealed on their website that their new album should be out sometime this year, as well as giving us a hint at the glamour of being a rock star!:

We’re also holed up in the studio working on our new album which will be ready later in the year. We don’t want to say any more than everything is going pretty well and we’re really looking forward to getting it out there. The cold is a drag though, we’ve blown up several heaters so far – pray for sun everyone.

Watch the video for ‘Skying’ single ‘Changing The Rain’ here:

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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