Hedoniacs – ‘Cant Tie Me Down’ single review

Hedoniacs – ‘Can’t Tie Me Down’

Review submitted by David Crighton.

“We wanna be the greatest Rock n Roll band ever, no compromise, no bullshit.” – Hedoniacs

A bold statement from the four South London lads who make up the Hedoniacs, but is there much substance beneath the surface of that oh so well used line? On the basis of debut single, ‘Can’t Tie Me Down’, their claim may be ambitious but not entirely motivated by idle posturing . The song boasts a menacing bass and catchy riff – both underpinned by lead singer Lewis Dyers’ distinctive vocals. In an age where kids have grown up listening to bad American rock, Dyer projects the lyrics aggressively in his South London tone, which brings with it an air of freshness.

Undoubtably, the input and guidance of producer Brendan Lynch (Primal Scream) has been a factor in ensuring a sound that is high in energy and guaranteeing an authentic Rock n Roll track.

Whether Hedoniacs do go on to be the greatest Rock n Roll band ever remains to be seen but ‘Can’t Tie Me Down’ is a solid. high octane start.

‘Can’t Tie Me Down’ is released on 15 August. Find our more about Hedoniacs:

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