The Best Songs Ever Created About Gambling

If a love song is to inspire love, then a gambling song is to inspire you in your gambling. As everybody needs inspiration to bring out the best in whatever one does, gamblers too need inspiration to get away with awesome and amazing gambling loots. Here are some of the best gambling songs that would surely inspire you in your games and push your winning stretch farther.

The Ace of Spades by Motorhead

If you play, go for the flow, that’s what Ace of Spades by Motorhead is telling gamblers to win their game. “Read them and whip them, and Ace of Spade will turn you on“is another strong message that would make you bash your opponent. For Blackjack players this song is a sure hitter for that magic 21.

The Tumbling Dice by the Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones will rock your roulette playing if your listen to their “Tumbling Dice” song. Besides powerful resonating guitar notes, this song is definitely dedicated to the guys out there who love rolling out the dice to hit the jackpot on the Roulette tables. The Rolling Stones’ spirit is sticking on the song’s words and melody. It inspires as well as rocks on your gambling spirit.

Many online casinos share their playlists to inspire players and to keep them coming back not only for the casino games but also for the gambling songs that keeps their gambling spirit high.

Post Author: David Watt