Space Music: Rosetta Comet is a ‘singing’ comet

Although Kim Kardashian tried breaking the internet with her butt, it was actually the Rosetta Comet that had caused the internet to go crazy. The comet landing on Comet 67P Churyumov Gerasimenko has become an internet sensation especially after the robot landing on the comet starting Tweeting. But there is an even bigger news out today, one that will interest music fans.

You may not believe it but the Rosetta comet is actually a singing comet. Scientists have discovered that the comet is emitting ‘songs’ at 40-50 milihertz. Although human ear can’t hear such low frequencies, scientists have increased these frequencies by a factor of 10,000 to make it audible. Amazingly, the audible sound is some kind of space ‘music’.

According to European Space Agency, the comet is releasing  neutral particles into the space that oscillate when colliding with other high-energy particles, producing a low frequency hum. The precise physics of this phenomenon is still unknown but this theory does provide quite a justification.

With space music coming out now, and it’s on SoundCloud, there is a new kind of competition for creepy sounds. Only time will tell if we can eventually find some singing planet or comet that will feature on Top 40 here on Earth.

Listen to Space Music emitted from Rosetta Comet

Post Author: David Watt