Single Review: “Hideaway” by Kiesza

Kiesza has released a perfect single for her strangulated vocal beats. “Hideaway” is a direct inspiration of 1990’s head-whipping dance rhythm that moves body with every beat. The Canadian singer and song-writer has something oddly refreshing about herself and it’s pretty much evident in this track.

“Hideaway”, produced by Rami Samir Afuni and written by Kiesza and Afuni, borrows classic-inspired house beats but looks refreshing with a pop twist on it. The lyrics are closely packed with the help of hooks. The chorus delivers a rather distinctive emotional feel. The result is a thrilling track that sounds fresh despite using the overly-repeated (classic-inspired deep house) genre for a surefire top 40 hit.

Kiesza has been collaborating with Afuni ever since her time at Berklee College of Music where Afuni developed the beat for “Hideaway”. Kiesza jumped in and helped Afuni with lyrics before recording her vocals. Since Kiesza was to catch a flight straight after completing the song, she literally completed the lyrics in ten minutes and completed mixing and mastering in just an hour. Despite the lack of focus, the track turned out to be genuine and a surefire chart-topper.

Kiesza is a talent to watch this year. She has already tried few professions and it music where she finds herself at home. With just a few tracks out, Kiesza is definitely an exciting prospect.

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Post Author: Asif Mumtaz