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Music Video: “Jump” by Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco has released a colorful music video for his recent single “Jump”. It’s a powerful song with a lot of energy contained in it. When you listen to this song, you’d want to jump out of your seat and dance as the high-energy hip-hop will move every inch of your body.

It’s a late music video as Fiasco released the video weeks after premiering his single “Jump”. It seems like a  new trend that everyone is following now and Lupe Fiasco has also now joined in by delaying his music video. Would it help Fiasco? Only time will tell.

The delayed music video came out on VEVO today. The song “Jump” will be included on his upcoming “DROGAS Light” album. The song came out in January and it is still getting some hits. So, maybe the music video will help it get back to being a hit.

The music video for “Jump” gives us Lupe Fiasco in multiple colors as he tries different cool fashion styles while rapping. Even the backdrops are colorful, reminding the energy that this song brings to the screen. For some scenes, you will note the distortion effect that makes the video even better. Now it’s time to watch the music video below.

Watch Music Video “Jump” by Lupe Fiasco

Post Author: David Watt