Top 40 singles of 2012 – 40-21

Top 40 of 2012 So Far: 40-21

By Philip Lickley

It’s always difficult to come up with a favourite list of songs from a year as opinions change and songs either grow or fade with each listen. But, that said and knowing this list will probably be heavily disputed by those who read it, here are my favourite songs I’ve heard this year as we reach the six month point of 2012…

40. King Creosote & Jon Hopkins – Third Swan (Single Version)
Released: April 2012

A melancholy but catchy number that mixes in indie with some great instrumental use.

39. Lana Del Rey – Born To Die
Released: January 2012

Released in the dying days of 2011 but impacting in 2012, this track may be as downbeat as King Creosote but it still has a memorable, anthemic feel to it.

38. Cover Drive – Sparks
Released: April 2012

I detested the twee and repetitive nature of ‘Twilight’ but thankfully their follow up was much better, though the chorus is stronger than the verses.

37. Maximo Park – Write This Down
From the album ‘The National Health’

Stronger than the single released from the album, ‘Write This Down’ manages to balance the peppiness of some of their singles with their well-written indie feel that most fans prefer them for. Surely a future single for 2012, especially as there is now a video…

36. Fun – We Are Young (feat. Janelle Monáe)
Released: May 2012

Not a great listen on first hear this is a serious grower and is destined to become an end-of-the-night anthem.

35. Dappy feat. Brian May – Rockstar
Released: February 2012

Who would have thought that the former N-Dubz rapper could realise some really great singles including this one where he teems up with the Queen guitarist? Sure some of the lyrics are a little cheesy but it sounds great.

34. Will Young – Losing Myself (Single Mix)
Released: March 2012

With singles that are becomingly progressively stronger the further he gets away from his Pop Idol roots, this is another classic example of a well written and sung pop tune.

33. Scissor Sisters – Only The Horses
Released: April 2012

After the weird disappearance of ‘Shady Love’ from the single roster, this follow-up and first official single produced by Calvin Harris was a change of direction but a welcome one.

32. feat. Jennifer Lopez and Mick Jagger – T.H.E (The Hardest Ever)
Released: February 2012

Only could get away with an almost-five-minute song as unusual and camp as this. Grating on first listen there’s something about its ridiculous lyrics, grinding backing and Jagger’s over-the-top appearance that wins me over.

31. Kelly Clarkson – Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You)
Released: January 2012

A very powerful comeback single for Clarkson, its lyrics may be a little preachy and clichéd but the message is powerful and wrapped up in a catchy ditty.

30. Kylie Minogue – Timebomb
Released: May 2012

Released to celebrate her thirty years in the business, ‘Timebomb’ is a slow burner but after a few listens the poppy hooks will grab you.

29. Katy Perry – Part Of Me
Released: February 2012

Seen by many as a record about her divorce from Russell Brand, strip aside the personal feeling lyrics and you get a rousing record that strengthened her second album as a bonus track.

28. Rumer – P.F. Sloan
Released: May 2012

A cover of the 1970s original by Jimmy Webb, this is beautiful sung by Rumer and takes the song to a new level. Beautiful.

27. Red Hot Chili Peppers – Look Around
Released: January 2012

Very much in the vein of their big Californication period, this single stood out in earlier in the year as a great example of what makes this band work.

26. Morten Harket – Scared of Heights
Released: March 2012

A cover but one that improves on the original with the A-Ha singer’s familiar vocals.

25. Amy Macdonald – Slow It Down
Released: April 2012

A welcome return from the Scottish singer-songwriter that builds on her earlier hits.

24. Keane – Silenced By The Night
Released: March 2012

Also coming back in 2012, this new song from Keane returns to their roots after their more intriguing songs from ‘Night Train’. Though the shift back may be a little regressive it’s still a good sound.

23 Train – Drive By
Released: January 2012

Another big comeback came in the form of this from Train, an immediately appealing song with a catchy singable chorus.

22. Cheryl – Call My Name
Released: May 2012

Dropping the ‘Cole’ from her name, this was the lead single from the former Girls Aloud singer’s third album. As poppy as you’d expect and very much an ear-worm.

21. Marina and the Diamonds – Primadonna
Released: March 2012

Another lead single, it’s perhaps not as grabbing as ‘Homewrecker’ but it soon grows into a big hit.

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