Dev Hynes surprises everyone with 45 minutes of unreleased music

Dev Hynes has released 45 minutes of music that you have not heard before. There was no news about it and no music blog hinted on this release. Dev Hynes originally did this musical piece for a feature film but then it was dropped from the film and Hynes decided to gift it to his fans.

Dev Hynes has told the press that this 45 minute music was originally for a film but he has said nothing about the film itself. This means we are never going to know the name of the film for which this music was originally recorded. But this isn’t something stoping anyone from enjoying these 45 minutes of unreleased music.

Going through these 45 minutes was a mixed experience. There were some gloomy moments but there were some terrorizing moments as well. It would probably be impossible to put the entire music piece under one category due to these variations within the music but you are definitely going to love it. There is nothing bad about such a generous gift from the talented singer/songwriter/producer.

You can listen to these entire 45 minutes below. Don’t forget to add your comments on the bottom about quality of music. We’re sure you are going to like what you listen.

Listen to 45 minutes of unreleased music from Dev Hynes

Post Author: Asif Mumtaz