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Oasis to reform for Glastonbury 2014 – definitely? Or maybe?

Bookmakers have lowered the odds on Oasis reforming to headline next year’s Glastonbury for the 20th anniversary of their debut album, and on producing an album of original material by the end of 2015. Liam Gallagher has said that he would be up for a gig, and that he would even do it “for now” if necessary (or alternatively, large sums of money!)

Don’t look back in anger

But he can’t see another album happening and says that he and brother Noel would go back to their own bands afterwards. However, there are still enough rare musical tracks knocking around for a new album to add to all the CDs, and of course, there are several DVD box sets.

Champagne supernova in the sky?

This could all be a bit up in the ether, though, as Noel has declared that he would only work with Oasis again if he was broke. In which case collectors’ editions of DVD box sets would be the business, eh Noel?

Rock ‘n’ roll star!

Liam has often stated his interest in a one-off reunion. In a 2011 interview for BBC Radio 4’s Profile programme, he even discussed the possibility of a 2015 concert to commemorate the second Oasis album. He was talking to Radio 4 as a contribution to an upcoming feature on Ian Brown, ahead of the Stone Roses‘ come-back gig. He added “I wouldn’t have joined a band if I didn’t see the Stone Roses. I’d probably just [have] carried on playing football in the park ’til three in the morning with me top off”.

Some might say

So the Manchester band could provide the Burnage boys with the impetus for a reunion, although another seminal Manchester foursome and Gallagher favourite, The Smiths, refuses to consider it, with one band member (no, not that one this time) suggesting that wishful thinkers should “get a hobby”.

What’s the story?

So will they be sharing a pint with Michael and Emily (and us) next summer? Will Noel be persuaded by history and occasion? While Beady Eye and High Flying Birds are reasonably successful, they’ll never inspire in the same way. That may suit on the whole, but can they resist the chance to define 2014? Like the Stone Roses, they may wanna be adored. And those bookies didn’t get rich getting it wrong.

Post Author: Luke Glassford

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